Chairman's Message

I bring you greetings on behalf of the Board of Directors of the International Talent Hunt Foundation (ITHF).

The ITHF’s sole purpose is to provide financial support directly, or in concert with interested institutions or organizations, to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s International Talent Hunt Program. The foundation sponsors fundraisers and solicits grants, contributions, corporate sponsors and legacies to dispense for support of the International Talent Hunt Program.

The general nature of the foundation is to provide the opportunity for artistic youth to develop and give full expression of their talents; to provide support for high school students who participate in all forms of the visual and performing arts; and to expose rising artists to a variety of entities related to different genres of the arts that will provide them with skills for moving their careers to higher levels of entertainment.

Key Foundation Programs:

  • Student Masterclass Program:  designed to foster the artistic development of talent hunt students performing at the annual international talent hunt demonstration.  Implemented by sponsoring students from prestigious performing arts schools such as Juilliard to mentor the talent hunt students through performance demonstrations, panel discussions, and constructive feedback to enhance their artistic growth.
  • String Instrument Donation Program:  designed to benefit selected under-resourced elementary or middle schools by providing string instruments to enhance their struggling orchestra and music programs.  Donating string instruments enhances the ability of the selected school to provide early exposure to string instruments and help the academic development of their students.   
  • Visiting College Professor Program:  designed to provide wider exposure to talent hunt students performing in the annual international talent hunt demonstration.  These professors are invited from colleges and universities around the country to witness the tremendous talent on display with the intent of recruiting and offering scholarships for their respective schools. 

To support these and other programs, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support and enhance projects, programs, and activities for the talented and motivated youth of our communities.  Please make a secure, online tax-deductible donation - CLICK HERE TO DONATE

In the future, with your assistance, we will make substantial impacts in the lives of the young men and women that participate in the performing and visual arts. 


Daniel B. Jones, Sr.
Chairman, Board of Directors
International Talent Hunt Foundation