Ernest R. Goode, Jr.

Ernest R. Goode, Jr.

Born: Norfolk, Virginia 1946

Omega membership: Mu Beta Chapter Spring 1972 University of Texas at Arlington, (UTA) Arlington, Texas

B.S. Criminal Justice UTA. 1974

1971 - Present: Member of New Hope Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, Member of the Chancel Choir; Sam Seward Male Chorus; regularly attend Sunday School and Wednesday noon Bible Study.

I served as the Treasurer for 21 years before becoming a Trustee in 2009, Designated as Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 2011.

1974 – 1977 Revenue Officer, Internal Revenue Service, Dallas, TX

1977 – 1999 Special Agent, & Supervisory Criminal Investigator, Department of the Treasury, Office of the Regional Inspector, Southwest Region

1999 – 03/31/2011Assistant Special Agent- in- Charge of Investigations, Department of the Treasury, Treasury Inspector General for Tax administration, Dallas, TX

OMEGA Involvement: Basileus of the Mu Beta Under-Graduate Chapter and the Theta Alpha Graduate Chapter. I have been active with the Talent Hunt Program at all levels: Local committee member; Master of Ceremonies and Committee Chair; District committee member and Master of Ceremonies and at the National Level it was my honor to be appointed as a committee member and to have served as Vice-Chairman of the International Talent Hunt Committee. It was my singular Pleasure to be Master of Ceremonies for the International Talent Demonstration at six Grand Conclaves.

A Look Back

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